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SEC Columns for Multi-Angle Light Scattering

SEC is a powerful technique for aggregate and fragment analysis. It is used to separate proteins based on their size (hydrodynamic radii versus absolute molecular weight) in solution.  The pore size and volume of the SEC particles used in the packed column drives this isocratic based technique, so the column you choose matters. As the molecular weight of the proteins of interest increases, SEC columns with comparatively larger pore size particles are selected.

The Waters | Wyatt columns recommended in our column guide have been selected for their optimal performance with MALS due to their excellent resolution, extended lifetime, and lot-to-lot reproducibility, and minimal particle shedding. For most applications and systems, a column with a 7.8 mm is recommended. Legacy columns with 4.6 mm and 7.8 mm should be replaced with one of the 7.8 mm columns, unless you are working with a microDAWN detector.

The columns listed below are not recommended for use with the Eclipse (NEON) with SEC Switching Option (i.e., ECDS models).
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