Orbit Recycle System

The Orbit integrates with any Wyatt MALS detector, Optilab RI detector or ViscoStar differential viscometer and even certain third party instruments, to direct the eluent from your flowing system to a waste bottle or back to the solvent reservoir. Program the Orbit to place your system in “recycle” mode at the end of a sample set and your flowing system will be equilibrated and ready upon your return without wasting large quantities of your mobile phase. This automated recycling functionality is critical for chromatography systems whose mobile phases may be costly to purchase/prepare/dispose of and whose column equilibrations could take hours. The unit may be controlled manually via a Wyatt instrument front panel interface or it may be automated within an ASTRA sample set. Also used with Calypso CG-MALS setups to automate switching between wash solvents when cleaning and flushing the system.