DLS Compatibility Kit

The DLS Compatibility Kit is designed to be used with the DynaPro NanoStar and Mobius such that the DLS correlator within each detector can be connected externally to a MALS instrument. This allows for simultaneous collection of MALS and DLS data during normal SEC-MALS or FFF-MALS experiments.

DLS determines size down to a radius of 0.5 nm and is essential for characterizing the size of biomolecules smaller than the 10 nm MALS limit. To further characterize the conformation of larger particles, online DLS is invaluable for determining the hydrodynamic radius, Rh in order to calculate conformation and the shape factor Rg /Rh. DLS can also determine the size of metallic nanoparticles and other samples that may not be amenable to MALS measurement due to a complex refractive index.